Daily Archives: March 12, 2014

Galapagos Wildlife Calendar: March


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: there’s never a bad time to visit the Galapagos. Even during peak season, limits on the amount of both day visitors by cruise ship and those staying in the luxury eco lodges in Galapagos (imposed in order to preserve the extraordinary natural resources of the islands) ensure that it is unlike what’s termed high season almost anywhere else, and it’s easy to enjoy a sense of peace and isolation in this little piece of paradise off the coast of Ecuador. In March, the rainy season hits its highest level of precipitation, with brief warm tropical showers punctuating days of sunshine. As the rains start to ease off at the end of the month, the flowers bloom – bringing watercolour washes of brights to the archipelago. It’s also a great time for wildlife watching, especially in the water. Here are some of the monthly highlights: (more…)

Top 10 Galle (Part 1)


Visiting Galle is like taking a trip in a time machine – a very laid-back sort of DeLorean perhaps, but a time warp nonetheless. With its gently decaying Dutch colonial architecture and atmosphere of old world charm, it’s the best preserved colonial town in Sri Lanka, and in the last few years has also been experiencing a post-Tsunami renaissance, restoring some of the buzz of its days as a trading port and turning the once sleepy coastal town into a cosmopolitan destination that still retains its chilled out air. While it’s still overlooked by many visitors to the shores and luxury boutique hotels in Sri Lanka, it won’t be for long – here are the first five of our top 10 Galle highlights. (more…)