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The Envoy Hotel – Abuja’s New Meeting Ground for the Discerning

Mantis is the leading collection of hotels and eco-escapes in Africa and offers award-winning tourism experiences on all seven continents of the world. The Mantis Group will manage and market the brand new Envoy Hotel in the renowned capital of Nigeria, Abuja. Set to be Abuja’s meeting ground for the discerning, The Envoy hotel by Mantis boasts 59 rooms that include 8 diplomatic suites, 7 VIP suites and a Presidential suite on the 6th floor that includes a protocol room. The Envoy will be ready to welcome guests from the 5th of February 2018, with the grand launch event taking place on the 5th of March 2018.

The Envoy stands prominently on Diplomatic Drive in the heart of Abuja, one of Africa’s foremost cities where diplomats, business people and world leaders converge. Upon first impression, Guests will be delighted by the modern façade, matched by the technologically advanced facilities inside. From paperless room stationery to eco-sensitive bathroom amenities, The Envoy is a hotel of the present for the future and has been built to operate in support of the environment.

Diplomats, delegates and captains of industry will love The Envoy for its advanced business facilities comprising of a business centre, meeting room, secretarial services, fibre-optic WiFi throughout and iPADs on the ready – we are geared for all of our Guests’ business needs.

The leisure Traveller is spoilt for choice with all the entertainment on offer. While at The Envoy, couples, families and individuals enjoy continental fine dining in Larai Restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a swimming pool and various bars to choose from. When opting to stay in, guests can relax by the swimming pool and Vandos Bar and Lounge, or get active in the Pro-Fit Gym.

The Envoy’s 24-hour concierge can organise any activity – from savouring the sunset on Jabi Lake, dancing to the city’s beats in Africa’s trendiest clubs, a stroll through Millennium Park, or a lunch in a secluded garden restaurant – Abuja has it all!

The location of The Envoy on Diplomatic Drive guarantees a level of security in its own right as it is flanked by Embassies and astute corporate entities. The Envoy has taken serious measures to ensure guests’ security on the premises and has achieved a Level 2 PLUS Global Lighthouse Certification in Security as per an independent risk assessment and security audit was done in November 2017. This level of security is the most difficult to achieve as it is adjudicated on the infrastructure – The Envoy is the first hotel in Nigeria to achieve this.

Mantis is proud to be involved in the development of The Envoy which will not only set the bar for luxury hospitality and personal indulgence in Abuja but also raise the standard of eco-sensitive hotel operations in this city. Mantis’ Legacy is one of conservation and sustainable operations which benefit stakeholders and the communities in which each Mantis experience exists.

The Envoy will hold a prestigious launch event on the 5th of March 2018. Further to introducing the hotel to the business community, this charitable event will launch The Envoy as a patron to one of Abuja’s most deserving community initiatives. Information on the event will be made available on the hotel’s social media platforms and www.theenvoyabuja.com.

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