Abracadabra! International Magic Festival Comes to Marrakech


The vibrant city of Marrakech is the kind of place that regularly gets described as magical – the merry jumble of its market squares, the labyrinthine streets and the mesmerising glow of the sun setting on its city walls are nothing short of enchanting, summoning you like a genie from the life you left behind. But for four days each March, the city is literally the most magical place on earth, as the International Magic Festival comes to town, spilling over from the theatres into the streets, the riads and the luxury boutique hotels.


Both amateur and professional magicians are invited to perform their art, through both formal on-stage events at the Marrakech Royal Theatre and free street performances around the city (in addition to Marrakech’s usual motley assortment of snake charmers, acrobats and storytellers). Well known or up and coming, local or international, the illusionists amaze with their mind-bending stunts and impossible sleight of hand, and the atmosphere around the Red City is even more mysterious and wonderful than usual.


Just a 90 minute drive away, you’ll find a completely different kind of magic at Kasbah de Toubkal, our luxury eco lodge in Morocco. The sort created by spectacular views and complete peace and isolation, here in the heart of Berber country at the foot of the High Atlas mountains. A place to sit on North Africa’s roof, and count the thousand stars that peep out from the heavens each night, to sample the alchemy of exotic spices and fresh local food, to take in the conjurer’s trick that contrasts snowy mountain peaks with desert scenery, all the in the same panoramic view. But be warned: a few days in Marrakech, a few days here, and you’ll fall completely under Morocco’s pungent spell – one that won’t easily be broken.


The International Magic Festival takes place between 19th and 22nd March, 2014.

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