Akagera Game Lodge Joins Mantis Collection

On the 10th of October 2017, The Mantis Collection and the Rwanda Social Security Board signed a Hotel Management Agreement for Akagera Game Lodge in Rwanda. Akagera Game Lodge is a 2-hour drive from Kigali and comprises of 60 rooms and a conference centre.

Akagera Game Lodge is set within the Akagera National Park (ANP) in the Eastern Province of Rwanda, on the border of Tanzania. This is the only Big 5 park in Rwanda; it is Central Africa’s largest protected wetland and the last remaining refuge for savannah-adapted species in Rwanda. Akagera National Park is characterised by swamps, lakes, open savannahs and woodlands. The park is home to more than 482 bird species such as the rare Shoebill Stork and over 12 000 large mammals including zebras, giraffes, lions, black rhinos, and elephants. Crucial to the park’s ecosystem is the vast Lake Ihema which is home to hippos and crocodiles.  Akagera National Park is considered a strategic tourist attraction in Rwanda and offers unrivalled scenic beauty. Vigourous law enforcement has seen a drastic reduction in poaching and prospering wildlife since 2010.

The Mantis Collection is a family-run collection of award-winning, privately-owned hotels, and eco-escapes located on all 7 continents of the world. Each property in the Mantis portfolio represents the finest example of its kind and celebrates the culture, gastronomy, architecture, and nature of the location in which it is found; offering guests truly authentic experiences. Officially founded by Adrian Gardiner in 2000, Mantis is committed to the spirit of conservation and restoration, and each property is sensitive to its surroundings in respect of the building, environment, and local community.

The Mantis Collection truly is the best choice for developing Akagera Game Lodge, and the tourism sector of Rwanda. The group’s global footprint lends extensive experience in tourism development, and as Mantis was also involved in formulating of the Wildlife Management plan for Akagera National Park in 2007 – it brings to the table a sound understanding of what the park has to offer.

The Mantis Collection will commence with the development, management, and marketing of Akagera Game Lodge before the end of 2017, with all renovations to be completed by the middle of 2018. Development at the lodge will start with a soft refurbishment, replacement of furniture and building maintenance, and it will remain open throughout. All operating systems will be modernised and service levels improved to the 5-star standard Mantis is renowned for. Plans for Akagera Game Lodge include the introduction of set departures from Kigali and positioning Akagera Lodge as a luxury experience in a circuit including Kigali, Lake Kivu, and the Volcanoes National Park. This is in line with the long-term strategy implemented by Rwanda Tourism.

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