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Travel with purpose and be part of a conservation legacy. Focused on ecotourism and sustainable travel, Mantis offers immersive opportunities for our guests to make a real and lasting impact for wildlife and communities.

Mantis Impact Experiences was created from our need as a brand to intimately connect our current guests, who are accustomed to Mantis Hospitality, to our brand pillars of conservation and education. Passionate conservationists within Mantis strive to curate these life-changing experiences to celebrate the locality of each Mantis destination. For decades, they have been working alongside and within Mantis’ hospitality network and are committed to supporting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, bringing to life the group’s mantra: Man And Nature Together Is Sustainable.

Mantis Impact Experiences was borne from a desire of our guests wanting to recalibrate their place in the world through fresh experiences and authentic connections with nature and others.

We felt the best way to do this was to create an alternative, conservation-focused travel experience. Mantis Impact Experience is a fully immersive nature experience that embraces conservation principles to further enhance participants ….. unlike any other. Our guests can partake in hands-on experiences in conservation, whilst still enjoying the comforts of Mantis hospitality.

This is travel out of the ordinary; we offer the adventurous traveller seeking an immersive experience the opportunity to make a real impact for conservation.

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