Hopewell Conservation Estate by Mantis

A Mantis Eco Escape Experience



live. play. stay

Just outside Port Elizabeth, Hopewell Conservation Estate is a residential estate and nature reserve with wild, green bushveld, steep valleys an rocky cliffs. A mountain biker and hiker’s paradise! Bring your boots, the kids, and the bike for an active glamping weekend out of the city. The Vineyard Clubhouse serves trendy wholesome food with a rustic twist. For those who prefer four walls and faucets can luxuriate in a stylish 4-bedroom villa.


glamping or glamour

Hopewell offers camping without the commitment to roughing it. Canvas tents with a patio and en-suite bathroom with easy access to wholesome meals prepared by a chef, wine, dessert, and WiFi. The contemporary 4-bedroom villa is a fantastic space for a family getaway. Views from the lounge and BBQ area look onto rocky cliffs and green bushveld valleys.


Farm to table

Dining on the estate focuses on fresh, wholesome artisanal meals.



Situated on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth Hopewell is the perfect place for the curious traveller who does not like to venture too far from the creature comforts of the city. Tucked away among steep cliffs, Hopewell is perfect for a holiday away from the hustle, yet close enough to venture in for city living. Port Elizabeth is a short 20 minutes away on one side, while the famous holiday destination, Jeffreys Bay is just 30 minutes to the other side.

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Rietkuil Road, Port Elizabeth, 6385, Port Elizabeth, South Africa


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