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Mantis Ol么 B茅 Lodge

A Mantis Eco Lodge Experience



A pure Malagsy adventure

Mantis Ol么 B茅聽Lodge awaits your curious, pioneering spirit in Andavadoaka, Madagascar. Set on the South-west coast and away from the crowds.聽If you’re adventurous and look forward to deep-sea fishing and sailing in pirogues towards breathtaking sunrises and sunsets; Ol么 B茅聽Lodge聽is next on your bucket list. This is where experience collectors come for a pure taste of Madagascar. Days of endless fishing, beach comas, cold drinks and fresh seafood. You can couple them with kayaking, snorkelling, surfing, baobab tours and kayaking through the mangroves. Andavadoaka is a small fishing village in the South-West of Madagascar with a humble local people who live off the ocean and provide man-power to the building projects in the area.


7 suites overlooking the water

Ol么 B茅 Lodge has 7 rooms that line the island estate and overlook the lagoon towards the sunrise, and the Indian Ocean towards the sunset. Uniquely built; each accommodation unit at Ol么 B茅 is a work of art that is made up of natural materials and built by the local community. Stone structures that blend in with the flora are encased with wide wooden decks and furniture for outside living. The roofs are thatched beautifully with raffia leaves; giving the lodge a unique island feel. Each room features are a large wooden 4-poster bed draped in natural linens that induce relaxation and keeps mosquitoes away. The bed has a built-in fan and reading lights. The rooms are spacious and built to optimize air flow and keep you cool.



A flamboyant main hall, a large kitchen open to the bar and the lounge, two large terraces opening on each side, each offering a view of its own bay.聽Sit facing the lagoon or on the raised side terrace to enjoy the start of the day or on the sunset side terrace at the end of the afternoon for an aperitif or an excellent Rum from Madagascar.



Olo Be Lodge offers a choice of activities and will promise to have something for everyone!

A sunset excursion to the baobab forest in either a 4 脳 4 vehicle, by bicycle or on foot for the fit.

The pirogue or the Boutre to discover the small islands of the surroundings.

Kayaks to visit the mangroves and observe their fauna & fauna facing the lodge.

Boat excursions to discover the islands a little further and stop over for a picnic, or the visit of the Bay of Assassins to observe the whales in season or even a coastal cruise to the city of Morombe displaying stunning views of the coastline.

For fans, Ping Pong, billiard, table football or petanque and the evening, Village Night Club Vezo for an absolute change of scenery!


Andavadoaka is a small fishing village located on the southwest coast of Madagascar. It is located in the Morombe District of the Southwest Region, 45 km south of the town of Morombe.聽The village lies on the edge of a shallow lagoon protected from the open ocean by a series of fringing and submerged barrier reefs that support substantial coral growth, providing a vital resource base for a local artisanal fishery. Owing to the remoteness and isolation, these coral reefs are thought to possess a significantly higher abundance and diversity of species than other reefs in southwest Madagascar. Andavadoaka is also home to the Vezo fishing people, who are known for their dependence upon the ocean.

Andavadoaka is one of the founding villages of the Velondriake locally managed marine area (LMMA). The village won the Equator Prize which is awarded by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), in 2007, for its innovative approach to conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. Andavadoaka is home to the administrative centre of the Velondriake Association, which was created in 2005 to manage the Velondriake LMMA.

Blue Ventures, a UK-based non-governmental organisation, runs a field research site situated next to the village of Andavodoaka, aiming to improve the community and promote the sustainable management of marine resources. Biodiversity studies have identified many hundreds of marine species in the waters in the area. The reefs around Andavadoaka represent some of the most well-developed coral reef systems in the Indian Ocean.

Andavadoaka is one of the few small villages in the South-West of Madagascar with general access to electricity. Eosol has got an electricity grid of high quality in Andavadoaka, fed by about 65 kWp of solar panels and backed by a battery bank. Eosol provides power to village until 10 pm daily, and then shuts off its system to conserve energy. The solar plant is run by a single employee who oversees all maintenance and functionality. This employee spends his days in a small office located in the center of the village, where local peoples can ask questions and request repairs. The vast majority of power is devoted towards keeping lights on in the evenings.

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Olo Be Lodge Andavadoaka, Cote Sud Ouest de Madagascar, 618 Tulear Nord, Madagascar

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