Mantis Kivu Queen

A Mantis Waterway Experience

The Kivu Queen uBuranga is an intimate 10-cabin houseboat with a local staff complement, enabling us to curate an exceptional experience for each guest and at the same time provide a much-needed income to the local community. In addition to guided hikes and bird watching, we provide insight into the quaint Rwandan villages through a variety of interactions based on culture and cuisine.



launching in March 2021

In line with Mantis’ community and conservation pillars; the Kivu Queen has been created to add value to the environment and communities of Lake Kivu. A sublime addition to the Zambezi Queen Collection, the Kivu Queen uBuranga will comprise 10 modern cabins, a swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and viewing deck with a hot tub. Lake Kivu is one of the African Great Lakes which form a string of freshwater bodies along the Great Rift Valley.


Lake Kivu is a 90km-long freshwater lake that lies along Africa’s Great Rift Valley and is lined with pretty fishing villages. With crystal clear, clean waters, it is a beautiful destination with no hippos or crocodiles, also making it one of the safest lakes in Africa.

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