The Envoy

A Mantis Hotel Experience



Located on Diplomatic Drive in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, The Envoy is ideally positioned for business, or affairs of state. Stylish amenities, generous hospitality and world-class security will provide the ideal meeting place for diplomats, envoys and businessmen alike. Relax in luxury rooms, lounge by the pool, enjoy a meal in our elegant restaurant, work off the stress in the gym or enjoy a cocktail at our bar.

The Envoy encapsulates the essence of Abuja; where function meets style. The Envoy has first-world business facilities in grand spaces.


These opulent rooms offer exquisite finishes, comfort and style all in the heart of Abuja. Enjoy the open spaces with amenities suited for the busy traveller. Open plan rooms offer a living room area as well as flat screen TV and a work desk, with en-suite bathrooms.



Abuja is seen as one of Africa’s fastest-growing cities and is a hub of business activity. Hosting high profile business conferences, it is a paradise for the business-minded and innovation inspired. Find like-minded people in the bustling city and feel inspired by the creative developments all around. The locals are well known for their welcoming nature and drive to offer superb service to their guests.
Address: 305 Diplomatic Drive, Central Business Dis, Abuja, Nigeria
Phone: +234 81 8800 9202

305 Diplomatic Drive, Central Business Dis, Abuja, Nigeria, Abuja, Nigeria