Mantis Passions

Our ethos sets us apart


Nurturing Rarity

We ring the bell for sustainability industry-wide & beyond
We practice environmental conservation and restoration – within hotels and the wider destination
We follow environmentally conscious building practices
We provide experiences that connect guests to nature, educate and enhance their perspective on life

Community Impact

We celebrate the heritage and culture of a destination through food, service culture and design
We are sensitive to, and integrated into the hotel destination
We use locally sourced food and resources
We provide spaces that connect and embrace the natural world

Celebrating Locality

We upskill and employ members of local communities
We support community projects that drive upliftment, and promote indigenous designers, artists and other local talent
We afford our guests the opportunity to engage with the local community
Mantis transformative experiences induct guests into a greater community of conscious travellers




A hospitality offering second to none:
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