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From 2000, we have been on a quest to leave behind the mass production of sameness,  and seek out the rarities that make travelling worthwhile. We seek to unearth adventures.

Our curious explorations have taught us to celebrate every corner of the world for what it is. Our collection of hotels, eco-escapes, and waterways are singular celebrations of their location; different in every way but all tied together by a deep desire to nurture the natural world.


Celebrate rarity, make memories

On foot through the wild, treading closer to the great and small creatures of Africa to diving into the deep blue off tropical shores. Mantis takes you to exceptional levels of living. Dare to stretch your capabilities through a Bear Grylls Survival Academy session. Partake in behind-the-scenes action of the conservation world through World Wide Experiences’ voluntour programmes.

Hotel Collection

Hotels, Eco-Escapes and Waterways

Mantis hotels, eco-escapes and waterways offer a blend of traditional hospitality and rich novel experiences. Each property is committed to conserving the environment; the Mantis Eco-Escapes and Waterways are gateways to responsible exploration of their natural surroundings.

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Man and Nature Together is Sustainable

We are borne of Africa; where man and nature etched the circle of life. Our duty is to ring the bell for sustainability in the tourism sector and create exceptional places where man and nature can co-exist sustainably. Mantis is committed to partnering with curious explorers, experience-collectors, and purposeful travellers in their search for rarity.

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