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Borne of Africa - Inspiring The Globe

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We have unearthed a collection of curated destinations inspired by sustainable adventures



We are the Trailblazers

This speaks to the adventurous, audacious and purposeful explorer which is strongly represented within our brand.


We are the Nurturers

This speaks to our heart. We identify, cultivate and protect rare experiences and destinations. This is demonstrated by our staff, and through our conservation efforts.



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We attract two types of travellers



The Experience Collector

Those seeking their next ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ experience. From adventure, to cultural tours, they select travel experiences which stir the soul.


The Purposeful & Curious Traveller

Those with a hunger to explore, always looking for a new experience, while keeping the environment and community in mind. These travellers enjoy luxury, but chose destinations which are environmentally sensitive



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