Mantis Journeys

A collection of our favourite itineraries that lets you discover magic in its wide horizons, game-rich reserves, unique marine life and quaint towns steeped in history.

In a world of diminishing rarity and increasing commercialisation & standardisation, there are those who are still searching for the exceptional, the truly rare and inspirational. They are searching for moments, places, adventures and destinations that will touch their lives forever.

Mantis is a brand that understands this search for the exceptional, and is a Pioneer that searches for and uncovers new possibilities and new destinations, so that people can experience those life changing moments that can enrich their lives. Mantis discovers those rare moments & destinations of exceptional beauty that will touch people’s life forever.

Find yourself off the beaten path! On every continent of the world, the symbol of the mantis represents genuine service, responsible indulgence and rarity. Take a Mantis Journey, and get a taste of distinctive experiences that make up fulfilling bursts of adventure, culture, and beauty.