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Chobe Princesses

A Mantis Waterway Experience



An intimate river safari experience

NB! The three Chobe Princess houseboats sail on scheduled departures every Monday (2 nights), Wednesday (2 nights) and Friday (3 nights). 

Departing from the meeting point of Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe, the exclusive and deluxe houseboats carry guests up to the Chobe, displaying exceptional wilderness views of the river and shores which are home to various species of wildlife. The boats travel at a leisurely pace and tailor the trip to the guests’ interests. Choose between game viewing, fishing, bird watching, photography or all of the above to enjoy on your intimate experience onboard.


14 cabins across 3 houseboats

Two of the 18-metre Chobe Princesses contain four cabins, while the third is slightly larger with five cabins. Each cabin sleeps two people – either in a king-sized bed or in two single beds if you prefer. Along with air-conditioning, cabins are fitted with mosquito-proofed windows and en-suite bathrooms with a shower, toilet and basin. Toiletries are provided for your convenience, as well as insect repellant for a peaceful night’s sleep. Hairdryers are available on request.


What to look forward to onboard the Chobe Princess houseboats. All included in your rate.


The Chobe Princess houseboats cruise down the Chobe River, the natural border between Botswana and Namibia. While they are officially located in Nambia; the Chobe Princess houseboats are only accessible from the Botswana side of the Chobe River. Seeing the Chobe National Park from the houseboats is a unique experience. The landscape and wildlife scenes, along with the riverbank, change daily as you tranquilly float through the wilderness.

November – March: Prolific game drives
November to March, and sometimes April as well, is known as the wet season in this region. The wildlife moves freely through the Chobe National Park as there is an abundance of water and this makes for exceptional game viewing. Game drives in the Chobe National Park are included in your stay.

June – October: Lots of wildlife on the riverbanks
This is when the Chobe River banks come to life. Many animal species gather around and stay close to the main water source, and you can watch them as the Zambezi Queen floats by. Going out on the tender boats is great at any time of the year, and even more special during this time. Don’t forget to book a trip on the specialised photographic boats; you won’t want to miss out on capturing the momentous activity.

September: Fantastic for birding
There are, in general, about 450 bird species in the Chobe region. Birding season starts in September, when the first migrants arrive, boosting the bird population by up to 20% compared to the winter months.

NB! Access:

Chobe River, the natural border between Namibia and Botswana, Namibia, Africa


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