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Mantis Mansa Marina

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It is in Mindelo that the heart of Cape Verde beats

The Cape Verde islands are a place of great contrasts, with 10 islands offering a different experience.

A unique and rewarding destination, Cape Verde islands are an enchanting blend of European and African influences, with astounding landscapes, gorgeous beaches, peaceful seaside villages, and the year-round warm climate.

The islands are associated with the mournful songs of ā€œThe Barefoot Divaā€, Cesaria Evora, the islandĀ“s best-known singer and exponent of morna, a lovelorn type of folk music similar to Portuguese Fado.

Mantis Mansa Marina is a bohemian chic boutique hotel with exquisite panoramic views of the port, nestled on the bay of Mindelo in the city center. The hotel’s 32 rooms exude a gentle serenity and offer its guests an authentic sensory escapade.

Feel the ā€œmorabezaā€ with the friendliness, casual and relax hospitality of Cape Verdean population.


Boho chic creating a relaxed and unique aesthetic

The 32 room interiors of the Mantis Mansa Marina Hotel exude an atmosphere of lightness, refinement, and carelessness. Expect textures and patterns with lots of white space full of visual interest and a relaxed spirit.


All in good taste

Music and food are key components of life in Cape Verde, especially fresh fish, and seafood, the most well-known dish is the Catchupa, a delicious stew of beans, meat, and sweetcorn.



A superb natural bay and a strategic port overflowing with life and diversity. Just 10 minutes from the airport, nestled in the bay of Mindelo in the city center.

GPS Coordinates: 16.886283, -24.989726

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Rua da Praia, Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde


Adventure awaits at Cape Verde islands

Reach new heights

The Walking and Hiking trails in Cape Verde islands are a real ramblerĀ“s paradise, especially in Santo Antao.
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Cape Verde's Water based activities

Active adventures

From kite surfing and windsurfing to sailing and scuba diving, the islandĀ“s range of water sports are a huge hook for tourists seeking an active holiday by the beach.
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Close encounters with turtles

Discover a species under threat

Turtles are among the most endangered marine animals and have been coming to these islands for millennia.
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Sao Vicente Festivals

Arts & Culture Experience

Sao Vicente, home to the cultural capital of the islands, Mindelo, is a vibrant musical town and also home to the destinationĀ“s most famous Carnivals: A Creole Festival each February...
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